Our art studio is located on our small family farm in Camano Island, Washington. Each of us adds a bit to each project, though we all have a specialty.

Each year we plant and harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables. What we don’t use or sell, we donate to our community. We host small U-pick events for our blueberries and lavender and plan on incorporating more in the future.

We have a large inventory of art which includes upcycling wine bottles into drinking glasses and candles and upcycling vintage glassware into flowers. We also produce wood products including knitting and embroidery notions as well as ornaments, coasters, keychains, signs and wall art. The lavender we harvest goes into making essential oils which then goes into our soy candles and organic soaps as well as roll-on bottles. We also have a luthier in the making who is building out guitars and string instruments of all kinds.

Please take a look around and we will keep this page updated with our latest products and when our produce stand will be out. You can contact us at summer@sunrisegrove.com